Forge Motorsport

Forge Asia為英國Forge亞洲區分布,Forge過去近二十年累積大量歐系車款改裝經驗,其販售商品皆經過原廠內部長時間的測試、修正及改良以求品質精細度,此外Forge講求完善的售後服務,因此從2004年起分別在美國、亞洲等地區增設分布。目前主要販售產品有:卸壓閥、排氣卸壓閥、水箱、煞車碟盤、卡箝、中央冷卻器、膠管等改裝部品。

Forge is an automotive enthusiasts who are dedicated to designing, engineering and developing a wide range of vehicle specific and universal performance products for OEM and custom turbocharged applications. We are based in Gloucester England, where our headquarters and manufacturing facilties produce our ever growing range of products. We also have a full sales and distribution facility in Orlando FL to serve the North Amercian market.

All Forge products are produced at our state-of-the-art facility in the U.K. Billet parts are machined to the strictest tolerances and are subjected to ongoing and exhaustive testing and inspection. All our fabricated products are welded by our inhouse master craftsmen. Welding is a passion of our staff and its unsurpassed quality in the marketplace is represented with robotic like precision. This means you will not only be getting an intercooler that performs second to none but it will look just as good on your car.

Forge Motorsport strives for customer satisfaction with unparalleled service both before and after the sale. We have qualified and experienced staff in both England and the USA to assist you either by phone or email. If at any time you have a problem with one of our products we will take care of it with the Forge Motorsport ‘No Hassle Guarantee’. This purchase protection is the industry’s best.